Challenge accepted

Just can’t seem to sit still and do nothing; constantly finding myself moving or doing something, and with a city like Cape Town why would you wana sit around wasting your time.

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I challenged myself to …


One more year

I read somewhere that when you celebrate your birthday you are supposed to reflect on the past year.  Do you have any regrets? Did you achieve what you set out to do for the year and what will the next …


It’s a dog’s life

Welcome back, I’ve been quiet for a while; with just cause. We recently added a new member to our family. Was it an easy decision? Not at all. Will we regret it? Maybe…just kidding, Never!  Having two boys our family …


Daddy made a coffee table

We all have that Aunt or Grandmother that’s holding onto her beloved leather suitcase filled with wool and knitting tools, old recipe books or photos that she just decided she was gona leave alone in the spare room or garage …


Daddy’s activities for kids

Little Rock Pyramid

Little Rock Pyramid

This post is long overdue. People keep asking me how I find these places I take our kids to, and if I’m honest, I don’t go out looking for them they just come to me via family, …